Our goal is to breed "healthy" goldens that are intelligent, beautiful dogs with loving, funny, friendly personalities that make wonderful companions.   We have had excellent results feeding our dogs a diet of raw meat, vegetables, fruit and bones.   We do not over-vaccinate or use flea-tick or heartworm preventatives which ruin the immune system.  
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Hunt Test
NAHRA Hunt Test (photo by Megan Rusnak)
Hunt Test
Hunt Test (photo by Megan Rusnak)
Hunt Test
Pinelands Gun Dog of the Year 2013
diane diane
Andy and Hops
Andy and Hops (photo by Nicole Fischer)
Obedience Obedience Obedience
Mat, Diane and Andy
Mat, Diane and Andy
Jethro's Mzch Title
Dusty award
diane Dusty and Diane